Our Chalk Talk Journey

Approximately 15 years ago, I received a call from my pastor's wife asking me if I would participate in AWANA Counsel Time. Knowing that I need props whenever I do a speech in front of people, my mind drifted back thirty-five years ago to a revival I attended where a pastor came in and did a chalk talk every night. Though I don't remember the pastor's name, I did remember the term chalk talk. So I Googled "chalk talk." I came across several internet sites that had information and supplies, most notably, eternityarts.com. I bought a kit/lesson plan for one chalk talk and my husband built me an easel.

The kids loved the chalk talks, and over time, I got the nickname "glow in the dark lady." I was largely self taught the first few years that I gave chalk talks. I decided that in order to get better at it, I needed professional instruction. I took the DVD Chalk Talk Phase I course from Eternity Arts. Then in March of 2008, I went to North Carolina and completehd Phase II under the instruction of Matt Bowman,. I received my Gospel Chalk Artist Diploma after completing Phase II. In October of 2013, I again travelled to Winston-Salem, NC and completed the Advanced Chalk Talk Class taught by Ray Dombeck. Both Matt and Ray are premier Chalk Talk artists and teachers of our time.

My husband has joined me in chalk talk presentations. Jim is a gifted writer and storyteller. He is the "talk" and I am the "chalk." Our presentations normally consist of part sermon and part music in the background while I draw. We are available for Chalk Talks at churches, schools, and other organizations.